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Evaluation of complex & alternative investments 

Driven by the current interest rate situation again we see an increased demand for complex or alternative investments. Many investors have therefore as part of their asset allocation expand investment in such products or are about to expand it. Classically considered it involves private equity, hedge funds and real estate. In practice, however, we also see many instruments with a strong reference to credit risk. This must be considered in the evaluation.

We as AVS-Valuation GmbH will adresse this issues in a series of events, starting with the evaluation and ending at the regulatory impacts. Regulatory issues are also highlighted as far as the economic requirements of such investments.

An excerpt of the planned questions …

  • Do you treat infrastructure as a separate asset class, or as a subset of existing asset classes?
  • How do you classify infrastructure loans from a regulatory point of view?
  • How do you proceed with investments in real estate-related financial instruments?
  • How do you evaluate such instruments?
  • What conditions and parameter do you need?
  • How could an investable  structure look like?
  • Which product varieties are there?
  • Anlageverordnung versus Solvency II?
  • Can ELTIFs really bring innovations or solutions?


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With this series of events we underline our quality approach which will guarantee inter alia, a successful connection of Science & Research with practical doing. The beginning we will set on October 14, 2015 in Munich followed by Hamburg on October 28, 2015. Within a comprehensive and efficient event, we try to find the right answers to your questions.

An article of AVS-Valuation GmbH, Frankfurt am Main. For inquiries, please contact us at clientsupport@avs-valuation.com.

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