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Do you want to outsource your Market Conformity Check?

Currently the regulators always put more importance on examining whether financial market transactions have taken place at a fair market price. The demand by the different regulatories constantly is increasing (AIFMD, UCITS / UCITS, ELTIF, Solvency, Basel, MiFID, EMIR, etc …) and the organization of this checks is very costly for any institution. We in AVS-Valuation would like to take on these checks for all asset classes . We have defined appropriate procedures and processes, which are also confirmed by our certification.

What are Market Conformity Checks …

Workflow at Market Conformity Checks

Market conformity checks are validations of whether a trade has been executed at a fair value. This fair value should reflect the objective market conditions at the time of exchange. The reconciliation of market prices requires maximum accuracy of input market data and the utilization of robust validation methodologies.

…AVS supports you…

AVS-Valuation uses a wide range of internal and external data to ensure clean and transparent validation of the trade. Market conformity checks are especially relevant for more complex or illiquid securities. If there are no observable market prices, the trade can be validated against model valuations or against a liquid benchmark (for example in the case of ABS and CDOs). As a result we can guarantee daily reports and support and you can focus on your core activities.

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