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About AVS-Valuation GmbH

AVS – Independent and transparent pricings & valuations

AVS-Valuation (AVS) is the most recent servicer of custodian banks and service providers fin Europe founded in August 2010. In the wake of the global credit crisis we have learned that financial market participants need independent, transparent and auditable evaluations for their complex and/or illiquid securities. This was our motivation to start a company to provide valuation services on the highest professional standard.

AVS is an integrated Valuation & Pricing Provider for financial Instruments that provides complete independence based on scientific frameworks. We guarantee this through, among others things, the existing partnership with Deloitte Audit Analytics.

We also provide quotations for more liquid instruments in almost all asset classes as well as the proven valuations for complex and illiquid instruments. The known additional services, such as market conformity checks, risk management, training, and a comprehensive approach to consulting compement our offer.

With even stricter statutory requirements (e.g. Solvency, Basel, MiFID, EMIR, AIFMD, OGAW/UCITS, KARBV, ELTIF, etc…) and ongoing changes of the accounting standards (e.g. IFRS, IAS, HGB, UGB) the relevance of transparent fair values is fundamental to financial investors leaving them with a vested interest to independently verify the fair values of their investments and the correctness and accuracy of the valuation methods applied.


avs-certifiedCertification of processes – transparency is important to us. AVS-Valuation aims to provide services on the highest possible standards. To ensure compliance with regulatory and professional standards we have engaged an external audit firm to independently review our business processes. Based on the results of the review we hold a certificate confirming the appropriateness of our internal control procedures.


As a key principle our valuations are unbiased, based on data analyses carried out internally, and based on our own models and market assessments. Data & data bases are our success.


As AVS is independently operating we are free of any financial, legal or lobbyist influence.


Because AVS provides an audit trail for each valuation, we are able to support our valuations including the individual valuation parameter. We can prove to our clients at any time how we prepare our valuations.

Our Profil

The satisfaction of our customers in the valuation of illiquid and complex instruments has meant that we are now also able to price more liquid financial instruments on a daily basis. Our services comply with the regulatory requirements. All services from a single source are already lived by us and our customers.

AVS also provides a review service for tailor-made and very complex financial instruments. These products are set up as a bespoke Services (e.g. covered bonds, structured bonds, SME loans, synthetic securities…). We also have experience in the valuation of asset-linked financial instruments (“investments in tangible assets” like real-esate- and infrastructure products, aircraft- and ship-financing). Based on this, we offer you our experience in fields like valuation, consulting and training . Feel free to Contact us.

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